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Philippe BOUYOU: lead vocals/guitar

Hugo RUTIGLIANO: guitar

Maxime FORMEY: bass/backing vocals

Jeremy ANDRE: drums

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Article Bien Public

Bands of The Day at FORKSTER - 28th of January 2015

Black Smoke Jacket are a superb stoner rock sound/band that hail from Dijon, France. These explosive rockers bring hard rock driven beats, ‘roaring & soaring’ riff highways and vocals that are fantastically lively and wailing in volume. I certainly noticed and approved very highly of the rock diversity charms from stoner, rock & roll roots, blues rock, grunge and alternative rock charms. Their overall rock vibe is nothing short of ‘electric’ and I ‘without question’ expect rock/hard rock ear module appreciators everywhere taking a big liking to this extremely talented stoner rock band, ‘ace’ prospect here!

Black Smoke Jacket will be very admirable listening to fans of: Pearl Jam, Tool, Soundgarden, Faith No More, Foo Fighters.


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